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Carol Wilkinson was murdered on the 10th October 1977 in Bradford. This murder is peripheral to the Ripper story but should be mentioned. There is strong circumstantial evidence that links this murder to Peter Sutcliffe, the copy cat killer who tried to emulate the Ripper. On the night of 9th October Sutcliffe travelled to Manchester to see what had become of Jean Jordan or hoping perhaps to run into a police trap. He pulled out the body so that it would be found, see Yallops book.






Then he drove back to Bradford in the early hours of the 10th. In such a state of mind the attack on Miss Wilkinson in the morning mirrored the attack which he was to perform on the luckless Yvonne Pearson 3 months later and which the coroner linked also. A man was blamed and convicted and professed his innocence. See his web site As in other cases once someone is convicted the police are unwilling to look at any possible mistakes they may have made. The description of the man who attacked the kid the next day fits Sutcliffe. Taking all these things into account Sutcliffe should be a serious suspect for this murder although I believe even if he confessed and fully corroborated the circumstances of the murder the police would not disclose these facts now.




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